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Cardiologists are experts in the management of vascular diseases and are particularly skilled in the utilization of the tools and techniques involved in the new and advanced treatment of vein disease. Sonoma Vein Aesthetic & Laser Specialists are a team of experienced Cardiologists, Nurse Practitioners, and medical assistants.

Consultation, diagnostics and medical vein treatments are usually covered, subject to co-pays, deductibles, and provider-network restrictions. Sonoma Vein accepts most insurance carriers in the region.

Call us at  (707) 636-8346 or email us!  Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and schedule you for a diagnostic ultrasound and consultation.  The professional team at Sonoma Vein will develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs.

We provide a range of medical and cosmetic spider vein treatments. Click here to review

The term “varicose vein” is a general term used to describe veins that are enlarged. People usually use this term to describe the big, bulging, rope-like veins visible on the skin. Veins have valves that can fail to function properly for genetic or traumatic reasons, resulting in stretching, swelling and enlargements of veins that can lead to discomforts, fluid retention, poor circulation and skin problems

Spider veins, or telangiectasias, are another type of venous disorder. This term is used to describe the thin, red or blue covered, short, jagged lines seen just under the skin, often appearing like a spider.

Endovenous Laser Treatment is proven to accomplish venous closure with fewer risks and side affects and better long-term results than surgical and chemical options. The procedure is performed in the office and takes about an hour. In this procedure, a catheter (small tube) is inserted into the vein, and a laser is used to deliver energy to shrink and close the problem vein.

Compression stockings are put on the treated leg and the patient is able to walk out of the office and return to normal activities.

Surface Laser Treatment is another new use of lasers. An external hand piece is used on the surface of the skin and is particularly helpful for treatment of tiny red-blue-purple spider-like veins that lie just under the skin surface, including those on the nose and face.

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a chemical solution that causes varicose vein closure. This important non-surgical treatment, often guided ultrasound, compliments Endovenous and Surface Vein Laser Therapy.

These minimally-invasive treatments use radiofrequency energy in 20 second bursts to provide heat to contract the collagen in the vein walls, causing them to collapse and seal off. The ClosureFast™ procedure is a minimally-invasive treatment option that uses radiofrequency ablation to seal off the affected vein so blood gets rerouted to other veins.